Stockhead Video - 90 Seconds with Craig Riley  

MD & CEO, Craig Riley, tells Stockhead more about the recent drilling announcement released 16 November 2021.

    October Investor Presentation Webinar  

MD and CEO, Mr Craig Riley and CFO, Mr Greg Keane present the October Corporate Presentation (ASX Announcement: 7 Oct 2021)

    Video Interview - Discovery Potential of the Northern and Southern Areas  
    Interview with new CEO, Craig Riley, on Rimfire's Strategy  
    Discussion on Recent Fortuna Surface Sampling, Sorpresa Gold Corridor, Fifield  
    Roadside Drilling July 2016 Discussion - Westerly Extent  
    Roadside Drilling July 2016 Discussion 1m @ 3170g/t Silver  
    Fly Through Fifield  
    3D Exploration Model - Gold Mineralization at Sorpresa  

    NSW Trade and Investment Presentation - November 2012  
    3D Model of the IP Anomaly at Sorpresa - June 2012  
    Sorpresa Gold Project -Tr31 Area Review Video - January 2012  
    Field Discussion at Sorpresa Gold Prospect Fifield, Feb 2011  
    Platina Lead Sampling Discussion Fifield NSW Sept 2010  
    Trench 31 Discussion - Sorpresa Gold Prospect Fifield  
    New Gold Area Discovery - Sorpresa Prospect Fifield Oct 2010  
    Bedrock Platinum Exploration Tile One - Fifield NSW  
    Update on Pit One Platinum Bulk Sampling Area Fifield NSW  
    Auger Drilling Program for Platinum, Deep Lead, Gravels  
    Processing plant operation and Pt concentrate production  
    Pit One Excavation of Pt gravel system in Panel C Fifield  
    Panel A discussion on Pt gravel and bedrock Pit One Fifield