Investor Presentations

    Corporate Presentation April 2022  
    Presentation to AGM November 2021  
    Corporate Presentation - October 2021  
    Presentation to AGM November 2020  
    Corporate Presentation - August 2020  
    Presentation to AGM November 2019  
    Video Interview - Discovery Potential of the Northern and Southern Areas  
    Rimfire Corporate Presentation  
    Interview with new CEO, Craig Riley, on Rimfire's Strategy  
    Rimfire Corporate Presentation  
    Presentation to AGM November 2018  
    Broker and Investor Presentation Dual Strategy  
    Presentation to Proactive Investor Forums  
    Presentation to AGM November 2017  
    Europe Investors One to One Meetings  
    NSW Minerals Council Exploration Forum - The Rocks and Beyond - Sorpresa Discovery Case Study  
    Presentation to AGM 22 Nov 2016  
    Presentation Mines and Money Asia  
    AGM 2015 CEO Presentation Corporate and Exploration  
    AGM 2015 H Widdup Presentation Mining Market Snapshot  
    AGM 2015 Richard Schodde Presentation Exploration Trends  
    IMARC Conference Presentation 10 Nov 2015  
    NSW Resources Investment Conference  
    Exploration Presentation at AGM 2014  
    Exploration Industry Presentation at AGM 2014  
    NSW Mining Conference Presentation Orange 27 August 2014  
    3D Exploration Model - Gold Mineralization at Sorpresa  

    Melbourne Mining Club Presentation on 20 May 2014  
    Exploration Presentation AGM 2013  
    Presentation to 7th Annual Mining NSW Conference  
    AGM 2012 Presentation  
    Presentation to NSW Trade and Investments Forum  
    AGM 2011 Exploration Presentation  
    Exploration Presentation AGM 2010  
    Presentation to 2009 AGM  
    Clarification on 2008 AGM presentation  
    Audiocast of AGM 2008 Exploration Presentation  
    AGM 2008 Exploration Presentation