Media News

    Gold Mining Journal, April-June 2019 – “Rimfire rises again”  
    Mine Life Article translated to Chinese by Rimfire. <br>《矿山生活》资源公报 Gavin Wendt撰写, Rimfire公司翻译  
    Mine Life: Resource Bulletin by Gavin Wendt  
    Mining-Technology: New Gold Signs Earn-In Agreement with Rimfire for Fifield Project Roadside Gold for Rimfire Rimfire Drilling Sorpresa Roadside Hit in Rimfire  
    Presentation Mines and Money Asia Rimfire Keeps On Keeping On Exploration Results from Rimfire  
    The Australian: RIM Continues to Get Impressive Hits RIM Reports Third-Best Drill Result BC Iron, Rimfire and more  
    The Australian: RIM Rose 65% on 4m Grading at 6.5 per cent Copper and 2.3g/t Gold Rimfire Soars on Eclipse Results  
    Australia's Paydirt: Rimfire Burns Up Yoes Field Rimfire Surges on Drill Hits  
    RFC Ambrian Morning Comment  
    RFC Ambrian Morning Comment  
    Gold & Minerals Gazette: Sorpresa Sharpens the Aspirations of Rimfire Rimfire Records Best Intersection  
    The Australian: Trenching at Sorpressa Produces above 70g/t Gold  
    The Australian: Rimfire Identifies more than 8 Targets for Platinum, Gold  
    Herald Sun: Hopes Pinned on Platinum